SQL Task Actions in exMon DM

Created by: Gunnar Tómas Gunnarsson

In this article, you will read about creating SQL task actions in exMon DM. A SQL task action is a versatile way to make it easier to work with table data. Actions can be used to validate, backup or modify data. They can also be added as a button in the exMon editing area or programmed automatically execute when the table is saved.

Create your first action

Here are steps to create a basic validation action:

  1. Open the table you want to validate in exMon DM. Click on Table Designer in the navigation ribbon.
  2. Click Actions.
  3. Select the Add dropdown and click on SQL Task.

  4. Display name: Demo SQL Task
  5. DB Name: Demo DB (or your preferred Database name)
  6. Set the SQL query to:
    update %TableName%  
    set __ValidationError = NULL
    update %TableName%  
    set __ValidationError = 'Below 100.000'  
    where [Price] < 100000  

  7. Next, click the Execution tab
  8. Check Automatically run when saving data

  9. Selecting In Parameters allows the user to send custom parameters to the action.
  10. Click Run Action if you want to validate your data immediately.
  11. Click Save Tasks to save your action.
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