Monitoring lower toner in printers using exMon

Created by: Gunnar Steinn Magnússon

In this article, you will read about monitoring lower toner in printers using exMon. Printers can run out of ink at the worst time, with the customer standing next to you. With exMon you can automatically monitor your printers' status, to make sure you can react proactively before it becomes an issue.

Example of email notification from exMon

Query Setup

To query the status of your organization's printers, you can query the SNMP protocol using PowerShell in exMon.

  1. Create a Query Snippet in exMon with the following PowerShell function
  2. Create a Query within exMon containing the following code.
    1. Replace the IP addresses with the printers in your organization and 0.2 with the minimum percentage of toner.
  3. Enable Exception Manager and deploy to production.


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