Lookup or Item list display columns are NULL

Created by: Gunnar Steinn Magnússon

Older versions of exMon (older than 1.5) could, in some cases, set the display columns as null. To make sure all display columns are updated execute this script:

declare @table_id int

declare table_cursor CURSOR FOR

select distinct TableId from dbo.[Table]

OPEN table_cursor

FETCH NEXT FROM table_cursor  

INTO @table_id



    print 'Processing table nr ' + cast(@table_id as varchar(5))

EXEC [dbo].[UpdateLookupDisplayColumns]

@LookupTableIdIn = @table_id

EXEC [dbo].[UpdateItemListDisplayColumns]

@TableIdIn = @table_id

    FETCH NEXT FROM table_cursor  

    INTO @table_id  


CLOSE table_cursor;  

DEALLOCATE table_cursor;

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