How to test SMTP configuration in exMonDG

Created by: Gunnar Tómas Gunnarsson

In this article, you will read about how to test SMTP configuration in exMonDG.

Worked example

  1. Open exMon Data Governance
  2. Right-click on the exMon DG icon, then right-click on exMon Data Governance
  3. Select Properties

  4. Select the General tab
  5. Copy the Location path

  6. Open File Explorer and paste in the Location Path
  7. The path can be found by right-clicking on exMon Data Governance in taskbar and right-clicking again on exMon Administrator in the popup, then selecting Properties like this

  8. When you have your path, enter it in folder explorer:

  9. Then type cmd in the path and press enter:

  10. Now you have the command line open and you can type the following to test your SMTP configuration:


Note: If you need assistance with this, please create a support ticket

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