How do I send parameters to Query and Compare Query?

Created by: Kristinn Magnusson

Designing Queries With Parameters

Query parameters are added to queries on the format:


The default value is used when no parameter is used when executing a task through exMon’s Execution Agent.

Defining a datatype value makes exMon Portal provide an accurate dialog for parameters, making executing from exMon Portal easier.

The preview value is only used when testing the query in exMon Data Governance.

Note: If you haven't already, take a look at the Query Walkthrough

Worked Example

You can add multiple parameters or reuse the same parameter. In the example below, we select products by colour and price range. When testing it in exMon Data Governance we select black products that cost between 0 and 200.


Running Queries With Parameters

Queries that define parameters can be executed with or without parameters in the command line. If you want your value to be the same for most of your executions, you can define a default value. That way, if you chose to not execute the task with parameters the default will be used.

Examples to execute the query above:

  • epcmd --query 1 --@color "Orange" --@pricefrom 10 --@priceto 190
  • epcmd --query 1 --@pricefrom 10
  • epcmd --query 1 --@color "Blue"
  • epcmd --query 1

Adding To Object Groups

You can add the same query multiple times into the object group to run with different parameters.
Note that object groups with duplicate queries can not be added to Process Maps on exMon Portal.

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