Step 4 - Load Product Table in PowerBI

Created by: Kristinn Magnusson

In this final step, you will learn how to easily load and visualise your product table into PowerBI via SQL or ODBC driver. Follow the steps below to complete this training.

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Resource: Download Microsoft PowerBI on your computer: click here.

Load Data into PowerBI

  1. Open PowerBI, Click on Get Data
  2. Select SQL Server database

  3. Type in the Server (default is
  4. Optionally - Add a database name
  5. Ensure that 'Import' is selected
Click Ok

Finding your data.Product table

  1. Filter on data.Product in the Search Box
  2. Click on the Checkbox next to data.Product
  3. Click Load


Visualising your data

The model should now be loaded. Click on Sell Start Date and drag Product ID to Value you should see the following chart:


Click on the canvas and click on Color and drag Product ID to Value. Now we have a dashboard where we can drill down to the Product Master. We can see that there are 20 Products that are Black and started selling in 2013:

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