exMon DM 3.0 - Release Notes

Release notes for exMon DM Release 3.0

Created by: Gunnar Tómas Gunnarsson

Our May 2021 exMon DM 3.0 update includes new exciting features that bring new possibilities to the service. If you would like to upgrade to exMon DM 3.0 contact us here


Fivetran connectors offer a way to pull data from a variety of external data sources such as Salesforce, Google Analytics, Facebook and many more.

Fivetran offers more than 100 data source connectors which you can choose from. In order to set up a data connector for your exMonDM service you need to go to the Settings page and choose the External Data Connectors tab on the left-hand side.


In the External Data Connectors tab, you will see a list of all data connectors which have been set up in your exMonDM service and if you want to add a new one you can do so by clicking the Add connector button. Then you can simply select the data connector you want to use from the list. 



Administrators can now share table data with third parties using our REST API.  By clicking the Share button in the Table toolbar -> Advanced you can create a link to share with others.

Note: Anyone with the link will be able to see your data. 


To get an overview of which tables/projects/categories have active links go to Settings -> API Access. It is also possible to create and delete links from there by right-clicking the item you want to share.

Database Users

Administrators can now create SQL Server database users from within exMon Data Management. that you can use to integrate with other solutions. You have the option to give different permissions depending on the schema. Simply check all the permissions you want the user to have for each schema in your system. When the user has been created, he can be used to connect to your data, for example with Power BI and DataFactory.

Saved views on Web

Users can now select their Saved Views on the Web. The Saved Views preserve the column layout and visibility as well as applied filtering.

Product Feedback

Let's talk! We want your help to shape the future of exMon. A user Feedback Button has been added that allows you to give us feedback on how we could improve. If you would like to get involved, simply select the smiley face and type away.

After reviewing the feedback we may get back to you requesting additional information or providing you with a solution.

Create schema

Administrators can now create new database-level schemas from within exMon Data Management. Schemas allow you to both organize your data and enforce access controls. This feature is available in all the schema dropdowns for editing/creating a table or project. 

When creating/editing a Table or a Project simply click the 'create schema...' in the Database Schema dropdown.

Then a small popup will appear where you can

Then a small popup will appear where you choose a name for your new schema and press 'Create'. 

New icons for Actions

A common request is "Can we get more icons for actions?" Well, we added thousands of them! The icons are now visible on the desktop version and will be available on the web soon. To change icons for Actions go to Table Designer -> Edit Actions in the table toolbar. You must check the Visible in toolbar checkbox to see the action in your table toolbar.

{TODO: GIF í staðinn fyrir myndir}

Bugfixes & Minor fixes


  • Deleting categories did not work
  • Deleting web views did not work
  • Changing the name of the table resulted in its hierarchies disappear 
  • Web views disappeared when their category was moved between projects
  • Properties of a table were not updated in the editor if the table was open when they were changed from the navigation
  • Unable to create a new table in service with no projects

User Access

  • Admins of the project were unable to open a table in the project that was created by others

Table Editor

  • Column constraints prevented certain tables from opening
  • Clicking the Import Data button with unparseable data raised an error

Table Design

  • Improved layout of Create Table popup
  • Added Back button after selecting a create table mode in Create Table popup

exMon DM Web

  • The custom filter did not work when unchecking a filter item
  • The lookup column dropdown was too small
  • Lookup columns did not have a minimum width
  • Dropdown for cells with long text did not contain a scrollbar
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