exMon DM 2.7 - Release Notes

Release notes for exMon DM Release 2.7

Created by: Kristinn Magnusson

Our May 2020 DM 2.7 update includes a lot of improvements and features. If you would like to upgrade to the newest release contact us here.

Single Sign-On

Azure Active Directory allows organizations to enable Single Sign-On for many cloud services. In exMon DM 2.7 we add support for Azure Active Directory enabling your users to sign in using their existing credentials. Furthermore, this allows IT to reset passwords and disable users when employees are no longer active.

The Single Sign-On works both for the Windows Client and on the Web. For further information on how Single Sign-on works and how to enable it for your organization visit Single Sign-On Azure AD.

Constraint Column Input

Column constraints are restrictions on the data that can be inserted into a given column and can be used for columns that have one of the following Data Types: String, Decimal, Double, Number, and Large Number. 

In the Table Designer, you will find a tab called 'Size & Format' when editing your Column properties where you can set the columns Min- and Max values as well as create a pattern in which all values of the column must match.  You simply create your pattern in regEx and add it to the pattern text field. If a user inserts a value that conflicts with any of the column constraints he will get a warning and is unable to save the data until that value has been fixed. 

 For further information on how Column Constraints work visit Column Designer.

Parameter Action on Web

Now it is possible to run Actions that contain Parameters on the Web. When you press the Action a window will pop up where you can insert the parameter value/s for the Action. 

 For further information on how you create Action with parameters in the client visit Table Actions.

Custom Table Index

Custom Table Index allows the user to create indexes on their tables. A well-constructed index will make your tables faster to use, especially tables used as Lookup Tables.

For further information on how you create a Custom Table Index in the client visit Custom Table Index.

Bugfixes & Minor fixes

Start page and Navigation

  • Renaming an open table would not update the display name in the UI until re-opened
  • PowerBI reports could not be deleted

Table Design

  • Simplified the UI for designing actions 
  • Added the ability to select a schema and Database table name when duplicating a table
  • Creating a new table from an Excel spreadsheet or CSV is now smarter at suggesting data type sizes for columns.
  • Creating a new table from an Excel spreadsheet or CSV and trying to ignore some columns would result in an error.
  • Duplicating a table would not duplicate Item Lists correctly
  • Duplicating a table would not duplicate a Default value correctly when the table contained an Item List
  • Duplicating a table from the navigation tree would not always work
  • Some save actions would not roll back correctly on error. More reliable save
  • Default value improvements for Lookups and Item Lists

Table editing

  • Importing data into a very large lookup column is much faster
  • Fixed some edge cases when importing data

 exMon DM Web

  • Better experience when searching and selecting values within lookups
  • Better UI for dates and dropdowns in tables
  • Entering a column with the data type string and size large would resize the focused row
  • Fixed some errors with lookups
  • Fixed an error when saving NULL values
  • Better error messages when a running Action fails

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