exMon DM 2.6 - Release Notes

Release notes for exMon DM Release 2.6

Created by: Kristinn Magnusson

Our March 2020 DM 2.6 update includes a lot of improvements and features. If you would like to upgrade to the newest release contact us here

PowerBI View

Visualize changes to a table live inside the exMon DM Web interface by embedding your PowerBI online dashboard inside the DM interface. Filtering on the dashboard will filter your Table so you don't have to find the row that you need to update.


For more information visit Create PowerBI Embedded View

Set a default value for columns

Assign a default value to new rows by defining a default value for a column. The value can be modified by the user or be read-only.

Access Filter

The user access filter is now more powerful and allows you to define row-level access with SQL statements. The statement could, for example, select security from a SQL table or with a SQL function.

For more detailed information visit User Setting Permissions and User Access Filter

Disable User Access and Reset Password

You will now be able to better control access to your exMon service by disabling access and resetting the user's password.

  • When a user is disabled they will not able to log into exMon DM, but the user's records and audit history remain unaffected.
  • Resetting a user's password will then require them to request a new password next time they log in. You can utilise these features when you think the password has been compromised or when an employee leaves your organisation.

Search Display Value in Web [Beta]

Now the search on the web will also search the display value of lookup Columns.

Compact view on the Web [Beta]

Enjoy a more compact Web view with a small row height and width.

Other exMon DM Web Improvements [Beta]

We have continuously been improving the web experience and it is the quickest way to enrich data in exMon DM. If you want to try out our exMon DM Web Beta, contact us here

Bugfixes & Minor Improvements

Start page and Navigation

  • Better experience when opening up exMon DM for the first time
  • Fixes for drag and drop bugs in the navigation view
  • Users could not drag a table/category into an empty category/project
  • Users could not right-click on the project if they don't have access directly to the project - just categories/tables under it

Project editing

  • Could not import a project if the name of the ZIP had been changed
  • Could not export/import a project if a table had an emoji in the name
  • Tab order is now correct in the Edit Project Form
  • Edit Projects Form was constantly asking you to save when moving between elements
  • The user could not drag a table/category into empty a category/project
  • Fixed an error when deleting a category with existing tables


  • Switching between User Configuration and Account Settings doesn't warn you that changes will be lost
  • Creating new users On-Premise did not send the Invitation email
  • exMon now prevents the user from changing the email address of user because of security reasons
  • When you rename a table from the navigation bar and the table is open, the name on the tab does not update
  • Audit schema did not exist for all schemas
  • Navigation jumps to the beginning when you open or close the settings window
  • Enter and Escape keyboard shortcuts in the Edit User Details form
  • Creating a user was extremely slow for large installations
  • Error when adding a user to a service, when the user already existed in exMon DM

Table Design

  • Renaming a table through the Table Properties dialog did not update the tab name
  • Import a new table dialog was too small when importing multiple columns
  • Import into a new table now supports customized format for DateTime
  • When importing into a new table, the Preview in the Verify step was sometimes empty
  • Table Properties could not be opened right after creating the table
  • A label was partly hidden in the Calculated column designer
  • The „Duplicate Table“ button was not working correctly in the Advanced tab
  • Fix errors when duplicating a table that had previously been duplicated
  • Added a UI validation to make sure the table and action database names are unique. Before the error came when saving.
  • Saving a table did not work when it had an action with the same name in another schema
  • Moving a task to a different project through „Right-click and Edit“ failed
  • Duplicating a table did not duplicate associated item lists
  • Import a new table from a database did not always work
  • Deleting the last Action for a table resulted in an error
  • UI warning when trying to create a duplicate database name for an Action
  • Duplicating a table with actions, now duplicates and renames the actions
  • Duplicating a table, resulting in a duplicate table name, now appends „ Copy X“ to the name
  • The SQL procedure name for SQL Actions now does not contain the IDs.
  • When creating new Action, the default name was 'New Action'. Now it becomes 'New Action_[NUM]' to make sure there are no duplicates
  • If you have a table containing actions and you change the schema and the new schema has an action with the same name that causes an error, exMon now automatically renames actions so that they are unique
  • Editing custom lookups did not always save the correct settings

Table editing

  • Could not add a new row when the table had a group by column
  • Import from Excel and Database Actions did not work
  • Export Excel had empty cells because the __Display column is null
  • Excel export shows custom display text even though "custom display" is not selected
  • Lookup columns as filters show the key value but do not display the value
  • Run Action form only has a Close button
  • Action with „Refresh after save“ messes up filters
  • Import from database action doesn't ignore columns that have been deleted from the table
  • Misc. smaller fixes in import from a database
  • Import data into a table containing large lookup table times out
  • Custom Import from a database works for the first time, but when you click the generated action afterwards it failed
  • The dateTime column as a filter was not ideal
  • Null exception for lookup column where the referenced table had been deleted in the Single Row Edit
  • Error in Single Row View after saving in Table Designer
  • Single Row View new row has value in the lookup editor
  • Single Row View   missing formatting for number columns
  • Error and error sound when saving with Ctrl+S in Single Row View
  • Action with "Save before execution“ is not saving when the focus is still in the cell that was changed
  • Filter popup did not show lookup display values correctly

 exMon DM Web

  • Fixing shortcuts in grid view and fixing if the region is set to the UK to replace, with the United Kingdom.
  • Ctrl/Shift + click and right-click to open a table in a new tab now works correctly
  • Lookups were not displayed correctly
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