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exMon Data Governance (DG) Integration Actions

Created by: Gunnar Tómas Gunnarsson

In this article, you will read about the exMon Data Governance (DG) Integration Actions. In exMon DG, Integration Action allows exMon Data Management to execute exMon DG tasks. This can be done through the context menu, toolbar button or when the table is saved.

Worked Example

  1. Open exMon Data Management
  2. Open an existing project or create a new demo
  3. If creating a new project, name it Integration_Action_Demo
  4. Then, click create table and name it Integration_Action_Demo_Table

  5. Make sure that the Project selected is the Integration_Action_Demo project you just made

  6. Click Save
  7. At the top of the page, click Table Designer
  8. Now click Actions...

  9. In the bottom left of the modal, select the Add dropdown
  10. Select Execute in exMon DG

  11. Create a new connection
    1. Name your connection Integration_Demo
    2. Ensure the connection type is an SQLserver
    3. Add in your hostname & initial catalogue
    4. Fill out the authentication credentials
    5. Click Generate Connection String
    6. Click Test Connection
    7. On connected, click Save

  12. Write Integration_Sample on Display Name and DB Name
  13. Select the desired connection (usually your corresponding exMon DG)
  14. Select the desired system within exMon DG
  15. Select the desired task to execute
  16. Optional - configure additional properties which are the same as for other actions
  17. Run the task and make sure everything runs successfully
  18. Click Save

Gunnar is the author of this solution article.