exMon DG 4.4 - Release Notes

Release notes for exMon Release 4.4

Created by: Kristinn Magnusson

Keeping in line with the previous version, features and improvements in exMon 4.4 are primarily focused on improving the user experience of exMon. Here are highlights of the new features and changes that we’ve made:

Email template improvements + designer

Creating a new email template has always been complicated, so much so that many exMon users either just use the default templates or duplicate the default email templates and only make minor changes to them. With exMon 4.4 we’re addressing this issue and taking our first steps to both increase customization of email templates as well as reduce the complicity of creating them. To tackle the complicity of email templates we’ve created an email template designer. Similar to our report designer, the email template designer allows you to drag and drop features onto your email template as well as preview your template with demo data. Along with the designer comes a number of new ways to customize your templates, but we’re going to specially mention two of those:

  • Parent templates – When editing a template, the user can select another template to be its parent template. This allows users to create stylesheets or other advanced template structures.
  • Embedded images – While users could already include images in their emails, many email clients would block those images. By embedding the images you can ensure your images are seen without the receiver having to download them.

Read more about the designer under Email Template designer  

exMon emails

With this release, we’re taking a long-overdue look at emails sent by the exMon system. This includes making some of them more informative and more pleasant to the eye.   

Other improvements

We also made multiple smaller improvements and bug fixes. Including:

  • All executables and DLLs are now signed with a strong SSL certificate.
  • Filter exceptions by date (for example, all exceptions opened in the past week).
  • Package and Query parameters now support dates.
  • Excel files are now always available on the portal for queries.
  • Better error handling when encountering illegal characters in exception manager.
  • Improvements in the PowerShell queries.
  • DB2 data provider now supports parameters.
  • ODBC data provider improvements.
  • Daylight saving fixes for the scheduler.
  • Scheduler now calculates the next execution using local time instead of UTC. Fixes errors dependent on specific weekdays running close to midnight.
  • Better behaviour when a task was included in more than one process.
  • Exception Manager now handles better tens of queries being executed at the same moment.

Kristinn is the author of this solution article.