exMon DG 4.3 - Release Notes

Created by: Kristinn Magnusson

With the summer around the corner we’re releasing exMon 4.3. Our primary focus has been to improve the user experience of exMon, by making many small adjustments and bug fixes. Here are some of the new features and changes that we’ve made.

Filter on Exception Maps

exMon 4.3 introduces a new feature for Exception Maps, filtering the number of exceptions for each object on the map, by using the underlying data in the exceptions. In the example below, we have a single Test that is looking at price consistency between the price master and individual stores.

However, we want to display how each store is doing separable on the map. To do that we add the test four times to the map and add a filter for each object. In our case, the filter for Store 1 is: __store_num=1. This feature can also be beneficial when mapping tests to departments within your company or product groups.


Process Map improvements We made few improvements to process maps:

  • Before, objects on the portal would become outdated (yellow) after a predefined number of hours, indicating that the object had not been executed in some time. With exMon 4.3 we extended this behavior by marking objects as outdated if they were added to the queue when executing a process, but for some reason did not execute. For example, if an object earlier in the process had failed.
  • Furthermore, we changed the error dialog when exMon Portal is not able to connect to the database to a subtler warning message.
  • Bugfixes and smaller improvements to the portal. For example, improving ETA for object groups, fixing an issue with disabling/enabling objects and fixing a short flash of red on the portal when starting a process.

User Privilege Improvements

We have made improvements and fixed couple of bugs regarding user privileges. Most important ones are:

  • Users can gain the privilege to execute single processes and execution jobs by enabling it in the user configuration
  • The above privileges are now inherited correctly for Active Directory and Manual User Groups.
  • Much better experience running under limited privileges on the Exception Portal. Now users are able to view exceptions that are owned by groups they belong to.

Reporting Database Schema

exMon 4.3 comes with a new reporting schema in the database that you can use to connect to via BI tools such as Tableau or Excel. With the reporting schema you are better able to validate the progress you are making with exMon and better able to operate exMon while making sure nothing is falling between the cracks.



The configuration options in exMon have always been a rather cumbersome process that can confuse even the most experienced exMon users. With exMon 4.3 we are starting to address this issue by adding a new way Configuration dialog under Tools > Configuration

The configuration dialog groups related options together for easier use and allows you to test your settings were applicable. We will continue to offer the older configuration options, but over the next few releases we expect to move everything and remove the old dialog.

Kristinn is the author of this solution article.