Dynamic Exception Owners with User Mapping

Created by: Kristinn Magnusson

In this article, you will read about assigning dynamic exception owners with user mapping, in exMon Data Governance. Specifically, this example will show you how to assign responsibility to department heads for unusually high discount rates.

Note: You can map to custom user information by using External User Mapping. For example, if you want to map user data in your CRM system.

Worked Example

In this example, we will use an exMon exception test to check if a sale has been made with a discount above 35%. If a sale violating this rule has been made, the head of the department needs to be notified.

To begin, let's find all sales made with a discount greater than 35% with this SQL statement:


The solution here is to map the department head from Exception Manager Properties User Mapping, selecting a column containing user information (department_head_id).


The owner of this new exception will now depend on 2 things:

  1. If user mapping was successful
    • In this case, the user for the department head exists and therefore will become the owner of the new exception.
  2. If "auto-create missing user" was checked and/or the test was executed with the parameter “autocreateusers”
    • In this case, the user will be created for the department head and will be the owner of the exception.

If neither of these conditions was met, the query owner, in our case the user Administrator will be the owner of the exception. This will continue until the mapping is adjusted in exMon DG.

Kristinn is the author of this solution article.