Disaster & Recovery Procedures

Created by: Kristinn Magnusson

In this article, you will read about disaster and recovery procedures in exMon. All exMon DM cloud databases are based on SQL Azure Standard with a retention time of 35 days. Databases have a Point-in-time backup so databases can be restored to a certain point in time for the past 35 days in the event of a Disaster. Backup can be transferred to blob storage for a longer retention period of up to 10 years.

Requesting a Restore

If a restore of an exMon DM database is needed, please create a support ticket with the following subject:


and please include a point in time to restore to. If the request is urgent and should get the highest priority please add URGENT to the subject.

Restore Procedure

The following are procedures for Expectus Support personnel to perform a Point-In-Time restoration:

  1. Log Into AZURE PORTAL
  2. Open SQL databases and locate the database with a name specified in the Customer request ticket.
  3. Open the database administration page
  4. Click on Restore
    1. Select a restore Date and Time
    2. Choose a database name with a Database Name and time of restore point.
    3. Click on OK.

  5. Now Azure should perform a backup and you should be notified if the restore is successful or not.
  6. Log in to the database using SQL Server Management Studio.
  7. Rename the current database to <databasename>_old_<restore_date> (e.g. exTablesCustomer1_old_2019-03-12)
  8. Rename the restored database exTablesCustomer1_2019-03-12T17-41Z to exTablesCustomer1
  9. Test logging into exMon DM through the exMon DM Client.
  10. Notify the Customer of the completed restore.

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