Database User Permissions

Created by: Harpa Guðrún Hreinsdóttir

In this article, you will read about database user permissions in exMon & how to change them. The database user configuration page can be accessed via the Configure button in the bottom left corner and then selecting Database User Configuration.

Database User Permission is Schema-Based

You have the option to give database users different permissions depending on the schema. Simply check all the permissions you want the user to have for each schema in your system. If you want to give the user all permissions to all schemas you can click the Select All button to save time.

Can I see my database user's password after the user has been created?

No, when creating a database user you should store the password since you can not see the password again after the user has been created.

What if I forget the database user's password?

You can reset your database user's password by clicking the Reset password button.

What happens if I create a new schema and want the user to have permission to that schema by default?

That is where the header checkboxes come in handy. Simply select the header checkbox for the permission you would like this user to have for all schemas in the system (even if you create a new one). This will save you time so you do not have to update all your database users when a new schema is created.

If you do not want that to happen then just simply skip selecting the permissions header checkbox and select the permission for all the schemas instead.

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