Data Provider Parameters

Created by: Kristinn Magnusson

In this article, you will read about data provider parameters and how they are used in exMon Data Governance. You will learn what they are and how you can define them to benefit your data governance.

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What are Data Provider Parameters?

When using data provider groups, although similar in structure, each data provider is usually somewhat different from the next. To address these possible discrepancies, we have added data provider parameters. Data provider parameters are defined in tests with curly brackets and a hashtag.

For example {#ParameterName}

Query with a data provider parameter for the name of the SQL schemas

How to define a Data Provider Parameter

Data provider parameters can be defined in each data provider. If a test uses a data provider group and data provider parameters, all data providers inside the group need to define those parameters.

To define a data provider parameter:

  1. Open the data provider UI
  2. Select the tab “Parameters”
  3. Finally, add your parameter and define values for different UATs

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